Sweeney Todd and National Treasure 2


It’s a Tim Burton and Johnny Depp movie! Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007 film)! I must check it out!

And I did today! To quote my co-worker who also saw it on Christmas Eve, “it was both awesome and gruesome!” It’s awesome for the fact that it’s a musical and really, very well done! Not to mention how great Johnny Depp was, and a lot of Harry Potter actors were in it too. The English accent made me only understand half of the whole thing but it didn’t take anything to realize how gruesome it was. The story was basically about a barber who got sent far far away by an evil judge who also took his wife and daughter. The barber, played by Depp, later returned to London and avenged the town of people by slitting their throats. His evil companion, Mrs. Lovett, who admired him, would make meat pie out of the people he slaughtered. So yes, there was A LOT of blood, everywhere, ejecting, pouring…. just gross! But it was one of those things that the more disgusting, the more you wanted to see!

What an uneasy two hours! Later, at the next door auditorium, when National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets was shown, the place was filled up! Everyone was eager to see this exciting sequal. Funny how the pre-show ADs included a pie commercial; had it been a meat pie commercial, I would’ve thrown up! haha~

This follow-up was about the same as the first one. Which was both fun and exciting. I liked how the storyline was so exagerated to include the President of the United States, the Library of Congress, the White House, etc. yet it was still believable. I didn’t mind Nicolas Cage too much because he is a good actor, but I would think the character of Ben Gates could be played by a younger actor….


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