Obsessed with Chicago!


OH MY GOD! I didn’t remember why I was so stupid to not have sit through the whole movie in the theater back in early 2003. Might have been that I didn’t understand musicals back then, but after seeing “Hairspray” on DVD, I thought I’d give “Chicago” another shot, and this time, it completely blew my mind away! I don’t think my little brain can contain it anymore as I’ve become obsessed with it!

Yes, it is THAT good! The story, the music and dance numbers, the production design, the colors, the costumes….. Quoting Catherine Zeta-Jones (who played the character Velma), “Chicago is sexy, dangerous, and luxurious!”. In and out, I’m humming the little tunes; crazily searching online to see where I can buy the movie DVD and the soundtrack CD… This IS the best movie I’ve seen all year! Except it was a movie (which won a Best Picture Oscar) made 5 years ago, ironically! I don’t care, this one’s going into my permanent collection!

It’s been in my mind, and dreams, for the past couple of days. Knowing myself, this is clearly an obsession. I still remember how I got hooked on Michael Jackson. It was the same thing: On August 28, 1998, my younger cousin came to visit me (we were still in China then), with a concert VCD by MJ. We saw it together and I was so impressed that I went out that same afternoon to get his music videos. Then I saw You Are Not Alone (YANA) and a couple of other numbers. That night, I was dreaming the whole time, and I kept seeing scenes from the YANA video. I woke up the next day and understood very well that I was in love with MJ. I felt so wonderful. And the reason I remembered the exact date was because I read up on him. He used to always sign with the year 1998 and there were rumors saying he was predicting that he’d die at the age of 40, which was in 1998. MJ’s birthday’s August 29, so I clearly remembered it was the day before his 40th birthday that I became obsessed with him! Then, friends who know me know the rest….

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