Me and my camera


Tonight I got my best Christmas present of the year! A Sony Cybershot DSC-T2 8MP Digital Camera! In its limited edition color blue! It’s waaaaayyyy cool!

The best thing is the touch screen, where I can not only touch to mimic button actions but use the supplied stylus to draw scribbles! Check it out:

And of course, it shoots videos! and stores it in its internal built storage so no memory card is needed! I have yet to explore its many many fuctions and features which include lots of picture frames, as well as scrap books! I’m too thrilled!

With this camera, my dream of taking pictures whenever and wherever I like will come true! (I used to have a nice Casio digital camera too but of course my dad took it! lol~ I ain’t letting him have this one!)

Sticking to my desire, here’s pictures I took minutes after getting the camera:

Dinner was at none other than California Pizza Kitchen!! Look at its cute take-out box!

Mmmm, Spinich Dip as apetizer, with bread and butter. Bon Appétit~~~

Mango Tandoori Chicken pizza! From the CPK website, here’s the good stuff:

“Grilled Tandoori chicken, mango, mild onions, red peppers and Mozzarella cheese on a SPICY Golden Curry sauce. Topped with fresh cilantro and a sweet mango chili sauce.”

Of course, I would never leave without having dessert. But the Tiramisu was so good that I totally forgot to take a picture before devouring the whole thing! haha. I’ll just borrow the picture from the CPK website:

Damn thing melts in my mouth so quickly and costed me $6.29!! Fine, my night is too good to be spent on calculating!

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