Hairspray Musical


I don’t really know why the hype with this re-make. The storyline is not consistent (it went from how an underdog type of girl pursues her dream to the politics of Television segregation in the 60’s because of blacks and whites). And I’m really sorry to say this, but why do we need to see a fat, unattractive, non-dancer girl shake her butts? I thought we’re only need to see pretty things on TV, unless of course it’s a documentary….
The good things about this movie is the adult actors, wow! They are so different from their usual roles – John Travolta playing a woman? His acting was flawless! I didn’t see a single trace of a man’s characteristic. Michelle Pfifher and Christopher Walken singing and dancing? So appealing! And not to mention the wonderful and bold Ms. Queen Latifah! Loved her blonde wig! Last but not least, James Mardson, the funny guy who played the silly Prince on “Enchanted” was enchanting in “Hairspray” – curling his lips, winking, pointing…. A totally different character than the prince! Two thumbs up to the adults!
On the other hand, I just can’t stand the teen actors. They’re talented? They’re good looking?! Don’t make me laugh! Zac Efron? The newcomer who played Tracy Turnblad? Brittany Snow, the blonde vase? Ah, all so unimpressive! The only better thing about the teens is Amanda Byne’s character Penny Pingleton. I mean, look at her head shot (so cute!):

I loved her chubbier face (she used to be real skinny) in this, her hair, and her always sucking a lollipop; she also acted a little silly which is what her character is!

The movie did put me to sleep twice, but I eventually finished it! It was not until I saw the special features (making of the movie, history of the musical, etc.) that I appreciated it more. But still, I could understand why “Chicago”, or “Dreamgirls” was a hit and not get why this one is. I found out the producers behind Hairspray were the same ones who made Chicago. I better check that one out!


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