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Le Divorce (2003)


I like both leading ladies; and since I still haven’t gotten over France, I thought I’d try to give this 2003 film another watch as I didn’t get to finish it four years ago.

It’s not your average romantic comedy as there’s no main storyline, nor are there odd situations deliberately created. The movie sort of goes on at its own pace. It’s very life-like and speaks of a lot of truths.

It was joyous to listen to sexy French dialogs here and there, seeing the different styles on the two sisters (look at how chic they are!):

… looking at the delicious food served in restaurants (in one scene, this guy had to pay more than $900, pre-tip, for a lunch for his family; he was absolutely bewildered as the portion of the food was so tiny!), and beholding the beautiful streets of Paris….

Similar to films like Chocolat though, I would only want to watch Le Divorce once.

Little Rowan


今晚算是吃团年饭吧。我的一个远房表哥从外洲回来了,两夫妇刚刚又生了一个女儿,才七个月大。大女儿已经三岁了,叫Willow。还记得她是婴儿的时候一只眼大一只眼小,活象个丑小鸭。如今真是“女大三变”啊,居然漂亮了许多!因为大女儿的名字是一种树(willow = 柳树),他们给小女儿也取了个树命,叫Rowan (山梨树)。



Ashlee Simpson – "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)"


Ashlee’s latest single is so much fun! So is the video, suits very well! Now that’s the kind of song I really appreciate, no belting, no super-high notes, just great rhythms and fun beats. She was able to do that with singles like “Boyfriend” and “L.O.V.E.” off of her last album and I’m really looking forward to her upcoming one in 2008.

The song reminds me of Michael’s duet with Rockwell called “Somebody’s Watching Me.” (Click on the link to listen), which was done in 1984. I’m so delighted that Ashlee’s new music has that 80’s sassy, poppy element!
Maybe it’s the title, “Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)” also makes me think of No Doubt’s song “In My Head“, which has got some fun lyrics and catchy tunes! haha~

Man, I LOVE all of these songs!!!!!!



People who know me know I have a special love for chocolates. But never had I been so crazy as to buy so many different kinds of chocolates at one time! The more chocolates I taste, the better I know which kinds I like, and European chocolates are better than American ones, that’s for sure. Belgian, Swiss, French, and German chocolates are all very irrisitible.

My favorite ones are the Merci’s, minty chocolate truffles, Praline-filled chocolates… This year I’ve finally had the chance to taste See’s Candies’s Gouremet Lollypops. There are four flavors: Caffe Latte, Vanilia, Caramel, and Chocolate. I only had the first two but mmmm, they are both rich, silky smooth and make you want to have another one right away! The Caffe Latte one tasted a little bitter because it’s coffee so I think I liked the Vanilla one better.

Go figure, how many hours must I run on the treadmill to offset all the calories? (uh oh!)

I Know Who Killed Me (2007)


I shouldn’t have watched it alone even in broad day light. The story was not bad but the movie’s got some disgusting scenes. It was a bit too long, but oh well, it was still worthy seeing Lindsay Lohan doing pole dance! Here’s the plot synopsis taken from

“Aubrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan) was living the small town life, until the day she was abducted by a sadistic killer. After a frantic search, Aubrey turns up alive, but changed. She is missing limbs, but has gained a new personality – that of bad girl Dakota Moss. Her parents and the FBI think she’s suffering from delusions, but if Dakota is just a trick of her mind, why do strange wounds keep appearing on her body? Desperate and alone, Aubrey must now unlock family secrets to unmask a mysterious killer with a deadly obsession.”

The deadly obsession this guy had, grossly, was cutting people limb by limb while giving the victims drugs to force them to be awake (yikes!). It was painful having to endure the scences where the killer operated the cutting (my lord I was so tense and clenched my hands so hard!)
I guess the other good thing about the movie (or story) was that there were two layers of mysteries. The first was Aubrey/Dakota’s identity – were they the same people which means Aubrey was delusional? Or were they twins? The second was uncovering the truth about the killer. Too bad it didn’t elaborate on why the killer developed such a strange obsession, and in that sense, the movie ended a little too quickly.

Fairytale movies


It’s all Stardust’s fault! I had heard Stardust was similar to The Princess Bride so I was eager to check it out, without knowing it was a film done in the 80’s. I could barely sit through it. Not that it was bad, but since it was so old, the settings were fake (of course, there was barely any CGI 20 years ago!), the people were emotionless, the acting was dry…. I put it down after 20 minutes (still looking forward to read the book though! I had learned books are timeless~)

Since I was still in the fairytale mood, I decided to give Ella Enchanted, a movie I had heard about before but was not interested in watching, a shot, hoping it’d be comparable to Disney’s latest Enchanted.

The only good thing about it was the first 30 minutes, where there were some interesting actions at the kingdom’s shopping outlet. And, of course, Anne Hathaway. She really is a good actor (loved her The Devil Wears Prada), and sure sounds different than looks!

Bath & Body Works’s scented body cream


Wow! This is the best sale ever in Bath & Body Works (that I’ve run into)! Usually those 8oz tube of body cream range from $9.5 – $11.5, but today, they are all $3 each!!! I love their products! They are always able to come up with fresh new scents and all of their scents have been great so far. Average $10 each is not too affordable, but $3? Heck, I’m picking up every scent I can find! And here’s the result (I laid all the ones I bought today out on the table at home ’cause I love checking them out!):

From left to right, back row to front row:

  • Coconut Lime Verbena (马鞭草)
  • Brown Sugar & Fig (无花果)
  • Juniper Breeze (杜松)
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom (日本樱花)
  • Pear Blossom (梨花)
  • Chocolate Amber (巧克力琥珀)
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar (香草红糖)
  • Velvet Tuberose (夜来香)
  • Tropical Passionfruit (热带西番莲)
  • Sheer Freesia (鸢尾科花)
  • Plumeria (鸡蛋花 – what a cute name!~)
  • Pink Grapefruit (西柚)
  • Exotic Coconut (椰子)
  • Sweet Pea (甜豆)
  • Cucumber Melon (青瓜)
  • Cherry Blossom (清香樱花)
  • Irresistible Apple (苹果)
  • Sea Island Cotton (海岛棉花)

Mmmmm, I even have a feeling that my blog is smelling good now! (heh heh~~) These will make for great gifts!