2007 Black Friday Sale


I can’t believe this !@#$%^&! I didn’t get anything this year! By the time I got to the stores at around 8:30 AM, everything I wanted was gone!~! They said the stores were opened as early as 4 AM and people who were crazy enough to be there that early witnessed long lines awaiting the doors to be opened! Unbelievable! In the past years I’ve always been able to go later and get something, I guess if the economy’s bad, everybody’s looking for a bargain. But still! I saw a few guys shopping till they’re dropping, literally! Their arms couldn’t hold onto all the stuff they bought, I almost wanted to go up and kick them so they’d drop a couple of the movies and games I wanted and then I could take them away!

Well, who can blame these crazy shoppers?! Some of the deals were really good, like 50% off. Next year I ain’t gonna be tricked! There were some cheap stuff before Thanksgiving, not everything’s waiting until after Thanksgiving, a.k.a. Black Friday, for a price drop. I will be smarter next year! (heh heh, I remember spending Thanksgiving last year in Las Vegas and even though I was away from home, I didn’t give up on the 2006 Black Friday Sale, how crazy was I?!?~)


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