Disney’s "Enchanted" movie


The latest Disney’s silly little fairy tale film? And I went to see it on its opening day? Ha! All because of Mercedes and the kids. And I happened to have a ticket, so, eh, what the hell! I needed something to do on Thanksgiving Eve anyway. Turned out pretty good! The girl was said to be on the big screen for the first time. She’s pretty, at certain angles. I swear she over acted at the beginning but as the film went on, she became more lovable. The hunky guy, Patrick something, who plays a character on the TV show “Gray’s Anatomy”, is so dreamy! I heard his nickname on the TV show was McDreamy! Ha! So true! Although I couldn’t understand why at 40, he would sign on to do a silly Disney film. Whatever the reason, he did his part, he was really good in the movie! The guy playing the prince was a funny guy, so was the fat servant, they provided the laughs for the film. But no one was funnier than that adorable animated chipmunk, whose cuteness is beyond description! I would see the movie again just for that!


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