The Beyonce Experience


Finally this concert is released on DVD! I went and picked it up today and watched it from beginning to end in one sitting, because I wanted to remember how exciting the show was when I saw Beyonce at the Denver Pepsi Center on August 22 this year! Here’s a picture of Mercedes and I moments before the concert:

The show recorded on DVD was the one in Los Angeles, with more songs, and more surprising guests! Beyonce’s got it all! – the voice, the beauty, the moves, the talent, she’s the whole package! The only thing I didn’t understand was why she didn’t try to keep her weight off after losing 20 pounds for the movie Dreamgirls. Any Hollywood female would grasp that opportunity to be, and stay, thin. But Beyonce said she missed her curves. Yeah, she is kind of special. She’s one of those glamorous girls, likes big hair, big and shiny dresses, and big eye lashes.

Here are some shots I took at the concert that were not too bad:

More pictures at

Beyonce’s no stranger to promoting Women Empowerment, that is obvious from her all-female band. My most favorite band member was the Asian girl on Keyboard. Her name’s Rie Tsuji, Japanese, obviously. Not only is she pretty and really good with the keyboard, it’s her charisma that’s very special. She’s quiet, peaceful, yet smiling shyly at times, it’s like she’s only minding her own business – the keyboard, while the audience’s shouting like crazy, it didn’t seem to affect her. She’s such a big contrast from the rest of the band, and from Beyonce herself. Here’s a picture of Rie I took off the big screen, too bad the quality isn’t good:

Back to Beyonce. One of the reasons I like her a lot is she’s a lady’s lady, very girly, shimmering, yet powerful, whether it’s her voice or expression. So maybe that’s the reason why when she sings a difficult note, she has to make her twisted face or this particular expression that shows everyone she’s singing her heart out. I don’t quite appreciate that, because I know she could do it without making the face, she didn’t used to be like that when she was in Destiny’s Child.

On the other hand, that’s exactly why I love Michael (Jackson) so much. When MJ hits a high note, he smiles! It’s amazing, he’s using smile to help him reach the vocal point. Boy, how I adore him!

Unlike Shakira and Gwen Stefani, Beyonce did not come down to greet the audience. But, at the end of the show, she sang Happy Birthday to fans whose birthdays were on the same day as the show. On DVD, the one recorded in LA, that day happened to be B’s B-day! So this time, the audience, alongside Destiny’s Child’s other two memebers, sang Happy Birthday to her! And of course there was a beautiful cake, making the end of the show so nice and complete!


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