Shakira – Oral Fixation Tour


I was going to see this concert at the Denver Pepsi Center on August 23, 2006 but it got cancelled due to Shakira’s schedule conflict. How regretful! So as soon as it was released on DVD this Tuesday, November 13, 2007, I went and picked it up. I’m glad I did, because it was definitely better than her last tour – Tour of the Mongoose.
The highlight of the concert has to be the song La Tortura because Alejandro Sanz showed up to sing with Shakira! How wonderful was it to see Alejandro, whose hoarse voice was so perfect for the song! The two performers were absolutely flirty with each other: Shakira’s sexy and smooth moves (the best she danced in the whole concert!); Alejandro didn’t move a lot, he’s not much of a dancer so he was pretty stiff, but it was his eye contacts with Shakira that was flirtatious! The performance was so hot and the audience’s emotion climbed to a climax!
I recall seeing Shakira perform the first time (on DVD, of course), it was her MTV unplugged show. She did not change costume at all, and her hair was not blonde back then, it was red, but as bushy. She was chubbier and had visible tears in her eyes when she sung a high note (I don’t think she was crying, it was just her body’s reaction, I guess). She was cuter and much girlier at the time. Now, she’s slender and sexier, and her moves (her famous belly dancing) are more sophisticated. But I don’t like how she’s less girly. Especially when she does those punches and try to be macho by lifting up the microphone stand (I guess she’s being called rockin’ when she does that), and when she does her robotic moves, they’re all a little too manly, if I may. She’s still got her girly side, she just doesn’t show it as much any more.
But this doesn’t mean I like her less. I admire her doing her own makeup, her bare feet, and her singing live! She’s one of those few singers when dancing so hard, the vocals don’t change a bit, it’s as if she’s in a recording studio! But you can tell she’s not lip-syncing. Her voice isn’t the biggest, but she’s truly a vocalist. I also adore her coming down to the audience and shaking their hands. She’s so real while being close to her fans, she’s not faking her smiles. That’s right, she’s very real, and I could tell by watching her interviews. Stars like Tom Cruise give me a sense of phony, so sensitive to their look and poise, but Shakira is the opposite. She’ll show you the real her. She speaks English with an accent, but she knows the language very well, choosing words very delicately that people like Paris Hilton can never compare!
I love Shakira! She’s pretty, loving, and talented~~

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