The Best Inventions Of The Year


This issue of the Time Magazine: has a special report on The Best Inventions Of The Year. I’m not surprised iPhone made the cover but I thought three other inventions were so cool that I would not want to forget about, so I’ll list them below. All credits go to Time Magazine.

  • “An ATM For Books”

“The Espresso Book Machine—meaning “fast,” not coffee—can churn out a 300-page paperback on demand, complete with color cover, in just 3 min. The $50,000 machine could transform libraries into minibookstores, making hard-to-find titles as accessible as cappuccinos. At $3 a book they might be cheaper too. Available Now

  • “Hot or Not”

“You know the feeling. You try on a shirt at the store and think you look pretty fly, but you need a second opinion. With Social Retailing, developed by IconNicholson and shown at Bloomingdale’s in March, you can send a video to your friends’ cell phones and instantly get their vote. You can also try on outfits virtually using a mirror that shows how fab they might look—or not.Available 2008

  • “Discard The Cord”

“When people talk about going wireless, they’re usually talking about the kind of wires that involve data. But what if you could actually charge gadgets without a power cord? That fantasy became a reality in 2007 with devices like the WildCharger charging pad. Fit your cell phone (or whatever) with an adapter, put it on the pad, and it will power right up, as fast as it would with a wall plug. Available Now

To read more, go to,28757,1677329,00.html

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