Britney Spears – Blackout (2007)


I agree this may be Britney’s best album so far. Not every song is good, but the good ones are really good! Like J.Lo’s Brave, Blackout is truly a dance album. Call me lazy but I don’t feel the need to write my own review when this review closely matches what I think, except “The rest of the album, especially Get Naked (I Got a Plan) and Toy Soldier, is equally strong”, because Get Naked was the worst of all tracks! I mean, literally, it’s the worst of all Britney songs, not just on Blackout! God, I can’t stand that guy singing “baby baby baby….” in the background, yuck!

But, despite that yucky song, four of the strongest (and my most favorite) tracks are Pieces of Me, Radar, Ooh Ooh Baby, and Gimme More. I had promised myself before that I wouldn’t spend money buying a Britney CD because she’s got enough support – too many people will buy her music. But this one might be a little hard to pass on; and first week’s of sales figure turns out not soo good – the album only sold for less than 300,000 copies, that’s probably just one third of what Britney used to sell in the first week of any new materials! That was quite shocking. I guess her messy personal life took a toll on this one….

Album cover rating: 10/10 – another reason it’s hard to not get the CD. I love the cover! The color, the abstract figures, the text font, her black hair, facial expression, a little chubbyness, and her outfit…. None of them would look good normally, but when all combined together, the effort is outstanding! The cover is mystical, I love it!


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