MJ on L’uomo Vogue Oct 07 issue!



I received the magazine!!!!!! MJ’s GORGEOUS!


OMG! He looks soooooo good! It’s an Italian Vogue magazine, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Rumor has it that he’s doing this shoot for Roberto Cavalli and in return, Cavalli would create clothing for Michael for his new look supporting the new album release! Check out these pics:

Oh his hair on the one below. That’s the reason why I’ll never dye my hair any other color! MJ’s always got lovely black hair! hee hee! The way he opens his mouth… I know many people don’t agree with me, but God, to me, it’s so sexy! I can stay in there!

(hee hee, I made this face show up on my phone’s front LCD so every time I close my phone, I see MJ’s sexy look! 😉

This last one’s my most favorite (not the headless one, duh!):

(Too bad the picture was not included in the mag….. 5555555)

He’s SO fine!!~~~ I must be the very few who love how he looks after plastic surgeries. I know I know, he looks like a woman, but to me, that’s so mystique. In the picture, he looks just like the 10-year-ago him, reminding me of this picture:

(“Blood on the Dance Floor” video shoot, 1997)

My baby hasn’t changed a bit!


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