Perfect Stranger


Saw this on DVD today. Halle Berry and Bruce Willis… sounds like a sizzling couple. Didn’t care for Willis that much, maybe ’cause he was playing a rich pervert. I really liked him on Friends. It was incredible to see him – someone with the power-actor aura (kinda like Tom Cruise, who I don’t care at all) – play funny. In this film, he’s back to his “power-actor” kind of role. Halle Berry, looks so different with and without makeup. and I like her with short hair much better than with long hair. Because with lots of hair around her face, it overshadows how beautifully her face is shaped. There’s a scene where she and Willis’ character was in a high class bar and she put on a red, figure-hugging dress, with her hair pulled back in a low pony tail, dangling earrings, red lips….

oh she’s so gorgous! back to her Revlon and Cover Girl me! This made me realize Halle must rely on heavy makeup to bring out her best features!

The cocktail the two were sipping in the below scene was called “Hawaiian Daiquiri“, it sounds (and looks) delicious!

Back to the movie. I’m not sure this movie promotes the concept of empowering women but I couldn’t help but feel empowered after finishing it. Althought the twist at the end comes a little unexpected (well, if you read the summary before seeing it you wouldn’t feel so as much), but I gotta say, she was kicking ass! Note that it’s not an action film, so I don’t mean that literally! If you want to know what I mean, go see the movie!


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