Jennifer Lopez – "Brave"



Heard the first single “Do It Well” on and saw the video. I really liked the single; I like Jennifer, and I have all her music but she’s not that good of a singer. What surprises me is that she’s always able to come up with a really good first single off a new album (well, except for “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” from the album J.Lo), which is always the reason I buy her CD’s. The new album BRAVE is coming out Oct 9, I’ll probably pick it up. Pretty good year for J.Lo! A Spanish album (Como Ama Una Mujer) earlier this year and now an English one.


Heard the album. It’s definitely better than “Rebirth”. Do It Well will be a great hit, so will be Brave. These are the best singles. Other songs are different, pop, they’re good, but they’ll be better if the singer had better singing skills. One of the songs even sampled/featured a young Michael (Jackson). I didn’t buy the album when I was at Wal-Mart, just couldn’t decide. I saw a Wal-Mart exclusive EP record (in CD format) that featured J.Lo’s best singles from (well, almost) every album. I really wanted to buy it but it didn’t have Jenny From the Block from the album “This is me… then”. I wish it would be on there to replace Waiting For Tonight from the album “On the 6”. Not that it’s not a good song, but it already had If You Had My Love from the same album… As I said before, I really like all of J.Lo’s first singles off each album, so this EP record didn’t give me a sense of wholeness.

Album Cover rating: 5/10 (too cheesy!)


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