LITA National Forum in Denver, Oct. 5-7, 2007


I attended the LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) Annual Conference in the Denver Downtown Marriot on those three days as a student volunteer. It was really a good deal volunteering (which was not that much of work anyway) and paying only 1/3 of its normal cost. Better yet, the USGS Library helped pay for it. 😀

I was a little nervous before attending as I did not have a very good experience last year going to the Colorado Association of Libraries conference. The conference was good, but because it was my first time, I was inexperienced that I wore high heels not knowing I would be getting tons of materials from the vendors and they’d eventually all go on my two shoulders. So I got sick (I bet there was a virus I caught from such an aggregation of people from all over the country).

This time I got smarter, I dressed comfortably and made sure I was wearing my soft and comfy shoes. One thing did not change though: some of the concurrent sessions were just too specific to what went on in the presenters’ very own libraries. I guess that’s what I’ll always expect from conferences of such kind.

Thoughts on some of the better sessions are coming up…


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