The Hollywood Librarian


Last night I went with some co-workers to see the screening of this “much talked-about in the library world” documentary.

It was not the most interesting documentary I’ve seen because it simply had lots of Hollywood movie scenes (as early as the 1960’s) that mentioned libraries and librarians sewn together (kudos to whoever that did the research though) and towards the end it kept talking about the Salinas libraries’ situation. And we were told they filmed the USGS Denver Library and my previous two co-workers would probably be on the film. Of course, they cut out those scenes.

Still, the speakers talked passionately about the profession and I learned some fun facts of which I had no ideas before. Did you know that in the US:

– There are more library cards issued than Visa cards
– There are more library branches than McDonald’s restaurants
– More people go to libraries than any professional sports combined

and that:

The US government spends approximately $250 million a year on all sorts of libraries and services but the same amount is spent on Iraq (whether destructing or rebuilding…) any single day? Amazing…..!!! Guess someone’s bound to pick up the phone and call the Bush Administration!


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