Monthly Archives: September 2007

Wii’s latest Carnival Games


I finally played this game! It was so hard to get from the stores, many were sold out of it. So I thought it must be really good. Well, it isn’t as fun as I expected it to be. Yeah it’s got all the point and shoot, throw your remote kind of action but some of it was just too programmed. That’s what I’m afraid, more and more Wii games are coming out, costing ever so much, but are not well programmed like the classic Wii Sports. Two Mario games are coming out on Wii in November, we’ll see what happens!

Mercedes’ b-day party at Fat City!


Her birthday was four days ago but we celebrated it tonight at “Colorado’s Premier Entertainment Venue” – FATCITY!

It was only 10 minutes of driving from my house (didn’t know that!), I knew I’d be visiting this place a lot from now on! It’s so much fun, it’s got Bowling, Skating, Laser Tag (have yet to try), Mini Golf, Arcades, Bar and Lounge, etc. We first got some food near the bowling lanes and the real action started! I got better as I bowled more. Mercedes got a margarita but it looked (and tasted) like water, so she later ordered a Fuzzy Navel. Yum yum, I got one too. Jane and Brian joined us later. It’s the first time we met Brian, and Jane, she’s just too much, such a goofy girl! 🙂

After two rounds of bowling we went downstairs to skate as the skating rink was closing at 11pm. I was surprised to see so few people actually skating. Nevertheless, the skating rink was divided up to have a dance floor. So many middle school kids were jamming to the music. I heard the “superman” song twice, it’s funny to see the kids doing the routine just like the one I saw on the Valdez wedding a week ago. To me, it’s really like “chicken dance” because whenever the word “superman” comes up everyone did a pose sort of like a bird. ha! I have yet figured out the name of the song.

We all had fun skating, well, except probably Jane and Allen as those two were still a little shaky. lol. What a fun night, I gotta ask my cousin and Tracy to come some other time!

zzzzzzzz, so sleepy after all the “action”. nighty night!